Old Photos of Witham

Three Smith sisters in war workers’ uniform

Taken: 1916-1918, Ref: M2196

Three Smith sisters. The inscription describes them as ‘Charles’ 3 sisters’ and names them as Ada on the left, Ellie in the centre, and ‘Ted Stoneham’s wife’ on the right (the latter could have been a later description, so she may not have been married then. Ada was Florence Ada Smith of Chalks Road. It is a studio portrait. They have triangular badges which will be ‘On War Service’ badges, with a crown in the middle; it was issued in 1916 in brooch form, specially for women; other badges for this purpose had button-hole fastenings. They are also wearing a uniform, Ellie’s being different from the other two. Ada worked at the station maltings in munitions; Ted’s wife’s uniform is the same as hers.

Date taken1916-1918
SourceThompson, Ken. 40 Guithavon Road, Witham, CM8 1HD His mother and Charles Smith's wife Ann were sisters (born Skingsleys). It was probably after Ada Smith died that he was given the photos.
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