Photos of Witham

Top of Avenue with gates shut

Taken: 1902 to 1919, Source: Drake, Martyn, Ref: M1463

The Avenue from the top, with gates shut. Includes lodge. One of five from ‘Owen’, one to Staff-Sgt. F E Cole in Saffron Walden (Dad) (M1460) and three to Mrs F E Cole, Lynn Road, Downham Market, Norfolk (M1461-1463, M2898). This one is postmarked Colchester. The message reads ‘I am glad we are carrying on with signalling and we have a lot of our same officers and sergeants [i.e. from Witham] so it is very nice. In the evening we five from Witham go down to the Lion Walk Soldiers Club: we do a little signalling in the evening now 5.30-6.30 and go to the club afterwards: we like going there, it is quite the best place in the town, and quite half the soldiers that go there are signallers I should think. We meet all the old Witham boys, and our corporals and sergeants: the only one missing is the funny one who used to make us laugh at concerts: it is a pity. We are going down to the club tonight. Best love Owen. Another photo of the Avenue’.

PublisherE T W Dennis & Sons, Ltd, London & Scarborough
Date taken1902 to 1919
SourceDrake, Martyn
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