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The top of Maldon Road with a police car

Taken: 1960-1965, Ref: M2236

The top of Maldon Road, looking north to Newland Street, with a police car. The same occasion as M2237. Left to right, corner of 39 Newland Street (newspaper shop), part of 54 Newland Street (no name, green fascia), 52 Newland Street (Home and Colonial Stores), 50 Newland Street (F Luckin Smith, grocery, provisions, wines and spirits), 48 Newland Street (two gables, white, Planters Agents Ltd and Dane), the corner of the White Hart. All the buildings visible on the opposite side of Newland Street, were demolished c 1966-67.

The car is a police car; above the back window was a rolled-up sign which could be let down, reading POLICE STOP in black letters on a blue background. It has registration number 2867VW,registered on 31 March 1960 to the ‘Chief Constable of Essex, Police HQ, Chelmsford’. It was an MG car, chassis G/H51/0034. Information from ERO C/DF 11/319.

PhotographerJohn Scott-Mason
Date taken1960-1965
SourceScott-Mason, John. 29 Homefield Road, Witham, CM8 2NS. He took the photo. Reproduced with the permission of Adam Scott-Mason.
RestrictionsIf you wish to use this photo, please acknowledge the photographer, the late John Scott-Mason
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