Photos of Witham

Top of Newland Street looking down

Taken: 1900 approx, Source: Smith, Maurice. Now vol 7, N45, at Witham Library, Ref: M1104

Top of Newland Street from top. Includes on left, trees in front of the Grove. On right, left to right, 40 Newland Street (behind vehicle, projecting into road in distance), tree in front of 16 Newland Street (Roslyn House, behind lamp post), 12 Newland Street, 10 Newland Street, 8 Newland Street, 6 Newland Street (four in white terrace), 4 Newland Street (Avenue House, with porch), 2 Newland Street (Newbury House).

Date taken1900 approx
SourceSmith, Maurice. Now vol 7, N45, at Witham Library
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