Photos of Witham

Top of Newland Street looking west, with White Hall college

Taken: 1906-1914, Source: Valerie Knock, Ref: M614

Top of Newland Street looking west, with White Hall college. Includes on left side of road, left to right, corner of Freebornes (3 Newland Street, extreme left), High House (part of 5 Newland Street, three stories). On right hand side of road, left to right, 40 Newland Street (between telegraph pole and lamp post), the George public house (36 Newland Street, right of lamp post), 34 Newland Street, 32 Newland Street, 30 Newland Street, 28 Newland Street, 26 Newland Street, 24 Newland Street, 22 Newland Street (last three paler, with topiary), 18 Newland Street (Whitehall, with notice saying ‘THE WHITE HALL, BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL FOR BOYS’. Caption says ‘WHITE HALL COLLEGE’. It was a college approx 1906-1911 and a school approx 1911-1914. Postmark Faulkbourne with year illegible. Addressed to R E Peach Esq., Allanhurst, Stouoghton Road, Leicester. Message reads ‘Pheasants, partridges, rabbits etc. are playing round the back like [???] – large rookery just below. Lovely country. Should be glad if you would lend me your book on drill. Drop me a ling shortly. Chas’.

PublisherKingsway Real Photo Series (with initials WHS)
Date taken1906-1914
SourceValerie Knock
Posted on Full size 2696 × 1764

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