Old Photos of Witham

Top of Newland Street, with horses

Taken: 1902-1905, Ref: M2895

Top (east) of Newland Street looking down, with four horses and riders. Left to right, in the distance is 40 Newland Street, then the George (36 Newland Street, with gables), 20-34 are hidden, Whitehall (18 Newland Street, behind tree), 12 Newland Street, 10 Newland Street, 8 Newland Street, 6 Newland Street (these four in terrace), Avenue House (4 Newland Street, with fancy porch), part of Newbury House (2 Newland Street). Postmark Llandudno 1 July 1905. Addressed to ‘Miss Ethel Goodchild’, initially to ”Brecon’, Mostyn Crescent, Llandudno, N Wales’ but this is crossed out and ‘Clare, Suffolk’ written instead. Message reads ‘Many thanks for PPC. Most picturesque. Hope you continue to have a good time. Will there be a ‘Sunday letter’. Much love, W.M.’.

PhotographerH Hall
Date taken1902-1905
SourceClarke, June,
20 Brinkley Lane, Highwoods, Colchester, Essex, CO4 9XN
Posted on Full size 2560 × 1665

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