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Town sign with lady

Photographer: Roy Belsham, Taken: 2003-2004, Source: Belsham, Roy,7 Luard Way, Witham, CM8 1DE, Ref: M2403

The town sign with lady and post box. It was unveiled on 22 February 2003 by Alan Hurst, M.P., and dedicated by the rector, Reverend John Suddards. In the background, left hand side of the road, left to right, part of 87 Newland Street (tall, mansard roof), 89 Newland Street, 91 Newland Street, 93 Newland Street (last three low and white, 93 is Abbotts), 95 Newland Street (red brick, Natwest), 99 Newland Street (Lloyd’s bank), 101 Newland Street (left of pole with flowers), 103 Newland Street, 105 Newland Street (these two left of sign, Co-op), 113 Newland Street, 115 Newland Street (these two behind the sign), 117 Newland Street, 119 Newland Street (these two tall), 121 Newland Street (small), 125 Newland Street, 127 Newland Street (these two are white, with gables), 129 Newland Street (bay windows). Right hand side of road, left to right (starting right of post box), 84 Newland Street (green fascia), 82 Newland Street (blue fascia), 80 Newland Street (Mellon).

PhotographerRoy Belsham
Date taken2003-2004
SourceBelsham, Roy,7 Luard Way, Witham, CM8 1DE
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