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Turner family’s cottage at Powershall End, with family group

Taken: 1910-1916, Source: Raven, Edith, Ref: M136

Turner family outside their house in Powershall End (now site next to 127 Powershall End). Family of Mrs Edith Raven, nee Turner. Standing, left to right, Bill Turner (Mrs R’s brother, on P and O line), William Raven (Mrs R’s future husband, baker at Palmer’s); Edith Turner (later Mrs R), Percy Turner (Mrs R’s brother, milkman at Everett’s), Bill’s wife. Seated, left to right: a friend, John Turner (Mrs R’s father), Bill’s baby son. See oral history tapes 10-13, especially tape 11, side 3, minute 17, and tape 13, side 8, minute 20.

Date taken1910-1916
SourceRaven, Edith
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