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Two children at the children’s home at Horwood House

Taken: 1918-1922, Ref: M2927

Two children and a chair at Horwood House (59 Newland Street). They were at a children’s home run by Miss Hunt on Montessori lines for disadvantaged children from London.

The photo is one of two facing page 80 in the book ‘The Unrelated Family’, which was written by A Vera G Wright. She helped at the home from June 1918 for a time. Her book does not give names to either the home or the town, but ERO T/P 133/26 names them. Miss Hunt is mentioned in directories for 1922 and 1926. The book is scarce, and I gave my copy to the Essex Record Office in 2006.

The caption for this photo is ‘Marjorie, when told she was going to be put in a picture, asked anxiously “Is me smart?”. Doris in charge’. She has changed the names. See also photos M1475, M2925 to M2930.

Date taken1918-1922
SourceFrom the book 'The Unrelated Family' by A Vera G Wright

Scanned from my copy of the book before I gave it to the ERO in March 2006.

I also scanned the book itself and kept one copy and filed the other with files of book extracts which I gave to Witham library
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