9 thoughts on “2023. Photos of home”

    1. Hi Marion, I know we’ve talked about this and thank you for your kind coments but I think I have got to write something here too, to satisfy the system.

    1. Thank you Rita, that was a nice surprise ! It would be nice to look 15 again but I suppose we have to make the best of it.

      Do you not have hedgehogs? I don’t know how they decide where to live – they (or perhaps just one) are still popping out by our front door for food, and yet its really cold. I think they should be hibernating but it’s up to them I suppose.

      It was lovely to hear from you in this unexpected way. Keep well and take care. Love from Janet.

  1. I am deeply jealous of your House Sparrows. I haven’t seen one in years. Occasionally we get a hedgehog but they don’t stay long. Otherwise our garden is full of “flying stuff” from all the regular crows/magpies/jays whose intelligence I relish. One of our magpies sits on the high wall (ten feet) and watches the squirrels burying peanuts. When there are five or six buried it comes down and chases the squirrel away and digs up its nuts. Then goes back on the wall and waits for more!
    Being nature there are plenty of millers in the garden – the foxes love a squirrel, sparrow hawks enjoy a goldfinch off the feeders and jackdaws like a field mouse. Not a nice relaxing happy place out there, everything eating something else. Everyone on high alert.

    I am sorry to say that cats are not allowed in, they can go home and eat there. I prefer my little dunnocks and black birds alive and scurrying about eating unfortunate bugs!

    Happy New Year Janet – I recognised you immediately in the picture. Perhaps the last time I saw you was almost sixty five years ago. I would be pleased to see a current picture of your twin.


    1. Thank you Malcolm.I enjoyed your comments very much but I was astonished about the absence of sparrows at your place – I’ve forgotten where you live. Do you use WhatsApp, that might be good for sending you more sparrows. All the best, Janet. PS I don’t have a current pic of John but will work on it.

      1. Thank you Janet.

        I used to have lots of house sparrows in my various factories but here right at the northern bondary of the city of Leeds, none. We have plenty of what we used to call Hedge Sparrows (or Dyke Spuggies!) and now it seems we must call them “Dunnocks”.

        I will try E-bay!

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