Photos of Witham

VAD nurses being inspected on Chipping Hill

Taken: 1909-1913, Source: Martyn Drake, Ref: M809

A group of VAD nurses in a line on the green at Chipping Hill, a few years before the First World War. Some civilians also. VADs (Voluntary Aid Detachments) were first formed in England in 1909.

Some may be recognisable from other photos. Eg. of the nurses standing forward of the others, the one looking out with white hair, under a window, looks like Miss Susannah Vaux.

The building partially shown on the extreme left, with the long weatherboarded wall to the right of it, is 32 Chipping Hill, demolished in the 1930s. The row of buildings centre and right are (left to right), 30 Chipping Hill, 28 Chipping Hill, 26 Chipping Hill.

Addressed to ‘Miss F.D.Weston, Wickham Bishops, Witham’. The message is ‘I am sorry I shall not be able to come to the K.H.[?] sale, as I am playing in a tournament that day. I thought you would like one of these cards if you have not already got one. C.Bawtree’. The same occasion as M664.

Date taken1909-1913
SourceMartyn Drake
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