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VE day party in Millbridge Road, 1945

Photographer: Mr Songer, of 13 Millbridge Road, Taken: May 1945, Source: Carpenter, Yvonne, Ref: M1683

A VE day party for Millbridge Road and Guithavon Road, with many children in fancy dress. It took place in the garden of 13 Millbridge Road. In the background is ‘Bankside’, 20 Highfields Road, where the damage caused by a bomb during the Second World War can be seen, with part of the roof still missing. Mr and Mrs Hodges who lived there were sheltering under a table and were not injured, though all their chickens were killed. Many people went next day to have a look, and found “stuffed birds” everywhere. It seems that Mr Hodges was a taxidermist (perhaps as a hobby). (read on)

In the photo are, back row, left to right, Patricia Blake-Lobb (turban), Shirley Thorogood (specs), June Wade (uniform), Peggy Rowland (bride) (later Mrs Ager), Gillian Songer (tall hat) (later Mrs Butler), Jane Palmer (no hat) (later Mrs Woodwards), Eric Christey (barrel?), Gordon Everett (with sign), David Sitch (with hammer and sickle on shirt), Peter Howard (Mrs Mop). Front row, left to right, Pauline Woodbine (Britannia), Colin Baldwin (Red Indian), Patricia Woodbine (with pinny) (later Mrs Helps), Vivienne Nichols (on seat, no hat), Sheena Reader (on seat, with hat), Janice Nicholls (nurse), Paula Songer (with union jacks) (later Mrs Cant), Janet Blake-Lobb (with cap).

Yvonne Stiff (later Mrs Carpenter) was not chosen to be in the photo, and ever afterwards she remembered being told to stand aside !

PhotographerMr Songer, of 13 Millbridge Road
Date takenMay 1945
SourceCarpenter, Yvonne
Posted on Full size 3291 × 1941

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