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VE or VJ day party, at top of Church Street

Taken: May or August 1945, Source: Shelley, Lester, 39 Mersey Road, Witham,
CM8 1LL, Ref: M2883

A VE or VJ day party at the top of Church Street. Some of the names have been given by Marlene Butler, (nee French) and passed on to me by Angela Dersley.
They are on the numbered outline below the photo i.e.: 1 Leslie Griffiths of no.18 Church Street; 2 Philip French of 180; 3 George Springett of 172; 4 Mrs Morley of 162; 5 Mr Elliot of 200; 6 Mr Wood of 172; 7 Rita French of 180; 8 Marlene French of 180; 9 Brenda French of 180; 10 Mrs Driver of 117; 11 Mrs Larder? Shelley of 166; 12 Mrs or Miss Dodman of 91; 13 Doris Folkard of 178.

Date takenMay or August 1945
SourceShelley, Lester, 39 Mersey Road, Witham,
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