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VE or VJ day party for Highfields Road

Taken: May or Aug 1945, Source: Howell, Keith, who was present at the party., Ref: M1340

A VE day or VJ day party for Highfields Road, in the garden of the Howells’ house, 84 Highfields Road.

Keith Howell recalls: ‘Mr Joslin who ran the farm [Moat farm] allowed the residents to build a large bonfire around a hawthorn tree in the corner of the field, just out of the pictures. I remember that it made a mammoth blaze when set alight. All the children had prizes for various games and races’.

Behind, left to right, the backs of 84 Highfields Road, 82 Highfields Road, and 80 Highfields Road.

Includes Mr Winston Alderton of 72 (pale suit, sitting on something at back, with hand to mouth). Mrs Rachel Alderton of 72 (in the background, behind the three at extreme left, half in front of a downstairs window). And Mr Jock Nicol of 92 (leaning on the table at back, to right of Winston).

Date takenMay or Aug 1945
SourceHowell, Keith, who was present at the party.
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