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Very large photo of Keeble wedding

Taken: 31 October 1925, Source: Rice, Barbara, Ref: M1634

Very large photo of wedding of Herbert Keeble and Nellie Keeble, in 1925, behind the Crotchet, Mill Lane entrance.
Back row left to right, (1) Margaret (Peggy) Stoneham (wife of Robert, son of Milly, nee Mecklenburgh) (2) Alf Keeble (3) a neighbour of the Rices and Keebles in Mill Lane (big hat) (4) Charles Sydney Rice (Syd, 1898-1969) (5) Ethel Bridge (Aunt Cissie, 1899-1981) (6) May West (1897-1955, short) (7) Bert Rice (1906- ) (8) Mrs Hubbard (neighbour, 21 Mill Lane) (9) Mr Hubbard (neighbour, 21 Mill Lane, bald) (10) Mrs Driver (wife of Robie, mother and sister lived at 17 Mill Lane) (11) Maud Rice (wife of Frank) (12) Frank Rice (1894-1985).
Middle people, standing, left to right (13) Gladys Rice (1894-1934, wife of Walter, mother of Barbara) (14) Husband to no. 3? (15) Florence Rice (wife of Sydney) (16) Alfred Charles West (1875-??) (17) Percy Harold (Joe) West (1904-1966) (18) Hilda Keeble (19) Jim Keeble (20) Walter Rice (1893-1934) (21) Elsie Littlebury (nee Rice, 1909-??) (22) Alice Keeble (23) Gladys Smith (nee Keeble) (24) Fred Keeble (25) George Keeble (bow tie) (26) Sid Keeble (with specs) (27) Emily Keeble (nee Wilkie) (28) Ethel Rice (nee Gilleland, wife of Bill) (29) Mabel Keeble (30) Bill Rice (1901-195?) (31) Jessie Keeble (32) Charlie Keeble (behind) (33) Wife of Louis Keeble (34) Louis Keeble.
Front row (not including children sitting on ground), left to right (35) Barbara Rice (child, standing) (36) Amelia Stoneham (nee Mecklenburgh, 1859-1939), with big hat and baby) (37) Dennis Sidney Rice (1925-1945, baby) (38) After a gap, with stripe on sleeve, Alice Spendlow (nee Rice, sister to Charles William, 1868-??) (39) Mary West (nee Mecklenburgh, 1868-??, tall hat) (40) Charles William Rice (1867-1957) (41) Nellie May Keeble (the bride, nee Rice, 1897-1979) (42) Herbert Keeble (the groom, 1899-1989) (43) Sarah Keeble (mother of Herbert) (44) Jim Keeble (father of Herbert).
Children and young people sitting and kneeling on the ground, left to right, (45) Anthony Charles Rice, on own, with feet out in front (1923-1996) (46) Winifred Mary Barnard (nee Rice, 1912-, leaning back, hat dark on top, pale rim, leaning on Charles Rice) (47) Sheila Amess (nee Stoneham, 1922- ), (young, on ground, pale dress, feet out to side, being held by Jane behind). (48) Jane Fairhead (Auntie Jane, nee Thain, ??-1993, brought up by Mary West, no. 39, because her mother died in childbirth; married George Fairhead of Witham Motor Co. (49) Perhaps a Keeble, dress with badge motifs, in front of the bridegroom. (50) Lionel Stoneham (1920-1989), (small, looks surprised, pale clothes) (51) Perhaps Marjory Keeble, older, with necklace (52) Perhaps Raymond Keeble (53) Victor Keeble (presumably another one, not the bridegroom)

Date taken31 October 1925
SourceRice, Barbara
Posted on Full size 3381 × 2101

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