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Victory parade in 1945, just the stand

Ref: M1810b

M1810(b). The Victory parade in Newland Street after the Second World War. Seen from south side. Three sections, M1810(a, b and (c).
M1810(b). The saluting stand. Known faces on the stand are, left to right (2) Mrs Rosalind Pelly, (3) front row with specs, Chris Walker, (7) front row in front of bricks, bald, Harry Crook, clerk of Council, (9) front row next to saluting soldier, David Maidment, chairman of Council and teacher, (11) saluting, Colonel Macdonald, officer commanding the Home Guard, (12) next right, RAF officer, (13) third from right, with beret, PC Sharp, manager of British Oxygen, Note that the back row is also numbered, hence the gaps in the numbering of the front row.

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