Old Photos of Witham

Victory parade in 1945, police inspector

Ref: M1810c

M1810 (c) The Victory parade in Newland Street after the Second World War. Seen from south side. Three sections, M1810(a, b and (c).
M1810 (c) General view. (15) Near bottom right, Inspector Herbert Chaplin of Witham (became Inspector 1927, posted to Witham 1933). In background, left to right, are part of 88 Newland Street (with big Union Jack), 86 Newland Street, 84 Newland Street (single storey, former Post Office), 82 Newland Street (single storey, gable, Hunwick), 78 Newland Street (bow shop window), 76 Newland Street and 74 Newland Street (these two all one building, with mansard roof), 72 Newland Street (with blind), 70 Newland Street (smaller, pale, corner of Guithavon Street), 68 Newland Street (gable facing camera, big white sign below gable), 64 Newland Street (behind tree, Bellamy chemist). See also M647, M1811-M1814, M2193 and M2194.

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