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Visit by Witham Choral Society to Weinheim, Germany; departure

Photographer: Ted Ellis, Taken: 27 October 1987, Source: Ellis, Ted, Ref: M1022

Visit by Witham Choral Society to Weinheim, Germany; departure. Includes, roughly left to right across front, David Thompson (extreme left front, blue checked shirt), Alan Purdy (to right of David, with beard and green jacket), Ruth Duffin (to right of and front of Alan), Martin Lehr (Weinhem conductor, to right of and behind Alan, waving) Bryan Barnes (Witham conductor, to right of Ruth and Martin, blue collar, holding something), Pat Purdy (to right of and behind Alan, pale yellow jacket), Ruby Pope (behind Pat, right of hand), Beryl Hunter (right of Pat, fawn jacket), Marjorie Dover (below Beryl, waving, dark glasses, bright yellow jacket), Nicola Dover (right of Marjorie, greeny blue jacket), Kate Lowry (right of Nicola, brown coat, waving), Ann Rogers (extreme front right), Ron Lowry (right of Ann, blue pullover), Susie Gyford (behind Ron, extreme right, probably on bus step). Also includes, roughly left to right further back, Kevin Champion (right of edge of building, floppy hair), Don Osborn (far back, waving, red stripe on pullover), Enid Hall (grey hair, directly under lamp post, behind waving hand), Robert Bright (accompanist, bearded, below white, van, to left of waving hand with black wrist strap), Sheila Ellis (below left end of bus, with long check scarf), Ken Hunter (right of Sheila, with specs). Other photos of this visit are in the family collection.

PhotographerTed Ellis
Date taken27 October 1987
SourceEllis, Ted
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