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Wedding of Ethel Emma Green and Walter King

Taken: 26 August 1924, Source: Littlewood, Sue. Ivy was her mother., Ref: M1847

Wedding of Ethel Emma Green and Walter King. She ran the shop at 11-13 Newland Street, and after their wedding they ran it together. The six standing right at the back, approx left to right, are unknown lady with very wide hat, unknown tall man, Alice Green (Ethel’s sister, dark hat, light flowers round it, behind Walter the bridegroom), unknown lady with hat, Harry Green (tall, dark hair, moustache, Ethel’s brother), unknown older man with white hair. Standing further forward, left to right, are John (Jack) Green (half off edge, son of Harry), three unknown ladies, the third half hidden by the second, Elsie Green, daughter of ??? (one of bridesmaids, partly behind Ethel, the bride), Ethel Green the bride (with flowers), Walter King the bridgroom (moustache, bow tie), Walter’s brother (dark jacket), unknown lady, Walter’s father (moustache and watch chain, holding hat). Sitting at front on left side is Elizabeth Green, mother of Ethel, Alice and Harry. Two children front centre are Ivy Green (Harry’s daughter) and Philip Green (?s son).

Date taken26 August 1924
SourceLittlewood, Sue. Ivy was her mother.
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