Photos of Witham

Wedding of Mary Gimson and Hugh Brandt; wounded soldiers pulling car

Photographer: Fred Hayward, Taken: 9 October 1917, Source: Mott, Ted, Ref: M189

‘Brandt Gimson wedding, Witham, Oct.1917’. Wedding of Mary Gimson and Hugh Brandt at parish church. See report from Essex County Chronicle, 12 October 1917. Mary was sister of Drs Ted and Karl Gimson (for which e.g. see photos M102 and M126). Shows the couple coming down the drive from the church by car, pulled by wounded soldiers from the Red Cross Hospital, where Mary was commandant. The soldiers are in their blue uniforms, with red ties. On the left, the lady walking towards the camera may be one of the Miss Bloods (daughters of solicitor). Extreme left in the wheel chair is probably Miss Ella Pattisson (sister of Alice, lived at Pelican Cottage, 16 Collingwood Road). Extreme right, by the car, is Harry Pachent, chauffeur at the Grove. The buildings behind in the centre are 26-30 Chipping Hill (still there), and on the left 32 Chipping Hill (since demolished). See also photos M187, M188, M190, M191.

PhotographerFred Hayward
Date taken9 October 1917
SourceMott, Ted
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