Old Photos of Witham

Wide and lower parts of Newland Street, looking up

Taken: 1920s approx, Ref: M2904

Wide and lower part of Newland Street, looking east. Left hand side of road, left to right, most of Batsford (100 Newland Street, three storey, behind car), Christmas House (96-98 Newland Street, two-storey, with ivy), 94 Newland Street (striped brick), 92 Newland Street (five windows in row, sign saying ‘Clock House, repairs’), 90 Newland Street (two windows in a row, Wills and Three Castles sign), iron fence and gate, probably to the Congregational (United Reformed) church, 88 Newland Street (tall, with some windows facing photographer), 86 Newland Street (small, left of pole).

Facing down street, in centre, on its own, 64 Newland Street (chemist, behind second pole and van).

Right hand side of road, left to right, most are unclear so places mentioned here are only intermittent. More work could help. In the distance with a gable and vertical beams is the White Hart (no number), above the front car is 61 Newland Street (now the Town Hall). Chas Warren’s garage sign probably relates to 97 Newland Street which is at the back – there was a large building there till quite recently, maybe he had the front shop too (number 95). 99 Newland Street is pale, in the Classical style, built in 1910 as a Bank (which it still is), 101 Newland Street (small), 

103-105 Newland Street (these two together, for sale, with pointed bit in the middle at the top, rebuilt by the Co-op later, i.e. in 1930s), with various signs including ‘Cycles, and Motors, Garage’ – not sure whether these are more of Chas Warren’s or someone else’s, next a gap which is Kings Chase, then 113 Newland Street (extreme right, Pelican House, with Pelican badge at the top, part of Co-op) The pelican was the symbol of the Pattisson family, some of whom once lived here, and who probably had it built.

PublisherBell [to judge from number] Says Real Photo on back
Date taken1920s approx
SourceClarke, June,
20 Brinkley Lane, Highwoods, Colchester, Essex, CO4 9XN
Posted on Full size 2560 × 1701

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