Old Photos of Witham

Wide part of Newland Street

Taken: 1954-1960, Ref: M2315

Wide part of Newland Street, the north side. Left to right, 134 Newland Street (gas manager’s house and shop, projecting, to right of white car), 118 Newland Street (white), 100 Newland Street (with foliage), 98 Newland Street and 96 Newland Street (with foliage, these two together are Christmas House), 94 Newland Street (small, white), 92 Newland Street, 90 Newland Street (two together, behind cars), 88 Newland Street (just left of telegraph pole), 86 Newland Street (right of telegraph pole), 84 Newland Street (just the shop front, probably Westminster Bank), 82 Newland Street (seems to be separate from 84 in this one, in contrast see M2307), 78 Newland Street (with bow window), 76 Newland Street, 74 Newland Street (together are Marshall’s), 72 Newland Street (Davies).

PhotographerJohn Scott-Mason
Date taken1954-1960
SourceScott-Mason, John. 29 Homefield Road, Witham, CM8 2NS. He took the photo. Reproduced with the permission of Adam Scott-Mason.
RestrictionsIf you wish to use this photo, please acknowledge the photographer, the late John Scott-Mason
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