Old Photos of Witham

Wide part of Newland Street looking down

Taken: 1891-1901, Ref: M2746

The wide part of Newland Street looking down. A well-known photo, with shop blinds, and people standing in road. No cars. 

On the left hand side of the road, left to right, part of 65 Newland Street (2 storeys, brick), 67 Newland Street (3 storeys, brick, four windows in row), 83 Newland Street (3 storeys, 2 windows in row), 85 Newland Street (nearly all hidden), 87 Newland Street (bow window), 89 Newland Street, 91 Newland Street, 93 Newland Street, 95 Newland Street (these four all low), rest foreshortened but can see the Gables (125 Newland Street and 127 Newland Street). 

On the right hand side of road, left to right, 134 Newland Street (the gas manager’s house, projecting at the bottom of the street), 100 Newland Street (first big brick one, seven windows in row), 98 Newland Street and 96 Newland Street (three windows), 94 Newland Street (gable), 92 Newland Street, 90 Newland Street, old Constitutional club (with clock, mostly behind telegraph pole), 88 Newland Street (with corner quoins), 86 Newland Street (two-storey), 84 Newland Street (Post Office, single storey, name just visible between two blinds), 82 Newland Street (‘A B Lake, draper and milliner, boots and shoes’ on blind), 78 Newland Street (shutters), 76 Newland Street (‘London House Drapery Stores’ on blind), 

74 Newland Street (‘J H Pearce, grocer and provision merchant’ on blind). (He is in directories 1899-1908. The stamp has been removed so the postmark is not visible. Addressed to ‘Mrs Cottee, 11 St Albans Road, Colchester’. The message reads ‘Dear A, How are you getting on? I should like a line from you when you get time, from Yours sincerely Tom’.

PublisherHartmann ('printed in Saxony')
Date taken1891-1901
SourceJohn Newman, 35 The Avenue, Witham, 
Posted on Full size 2560 × 1691

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