Old Photos of Witham

Wide part of Newland Street looking east

Taken: mid 1950s to 1964, Ref: M1984

For various reasons, this picture cannot be shown here. But it is displayed as number 119024 on Frith’s website. https://www.Francisfrith.com

Wide part of Newland Street looking east. Left hand side of road, left to right, 78 Newland Street, 76 Newland Street, 74 Newland Street, 72 Newland Street, 70 Newland Street (low), 68 Newland Street (white gable), 64 Newland Street (projecting, chemist). Right hand side of road, left to right, White Hart (timbered gable at angle), 39 Newland Street, 41 Newland Street, 43 Newland Street, 45 Newland Street (last two two stories), 47 Newland Street (bow windows, part of Spread Eagle), Spread Eagle (49 Newland Street), 51 Newland Street (shop part of Spread Eagle), 53 Newland Street, 55 Newland Street, 57 Newland Street (with porch), 59 Newland Street, 61 Newland Street (with clock), 63 Newland Street (Mondy’s). Same postcard at M1969 was originally bought 1961 or 1964 according to Mary Long.

PublisherFrith. Number WIT 24 F
Date takenmid 1950s to 1964
SourceLegg, Edward. Sent on CD called 'Edward Legg. Witham Essex Postcards'. His ref 'High St 1'
Posted on Full size 1607 × 1029

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