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Wide part of Newland Street looking up

Taken: 1915-1916, Source: Roy Gage, Ref: M908

Wide part of Newland Street, looking east. Left side of road, left to right, 90 Newland Street (with awning, Dibben’s), 88 Newland Street (to right of gap, with shop front, Beard), 86 Newland Street (awning), 84 Newland Street (low, probably Post Office), 82 Newland Street (also low), 78 Newland Street (tall, with —ILES on end), First World War soldiers outside. Right of centre, facing down street, end of 64 Newland Street. Right hand side of road, left to right, 61 Newland Street (with clock), 63 Newland Street (lower, shop), 65 Newland Street, 67 Newland Street (3 stories, white), 83 Newland Street (bay window). Vehicle in middle of road in distance has a cross on, looks like an ambulance. Postmark 17 July 1916. Addressed to Mrs Potter, Hope Cottage, Chalk End, Roxwell, near Chelmsford, Essex. Message reads ‘7[?] Poplar Terrace, Witham. Dear Auntie, Mother & I are staying at Auntie Lydias & we are hoping to come to see you for a few hours by the bus tomorrow Tuesday. Weather permitting. Our united love, Grace’.

PublisherG S Ellis, Tobacconist, High-Street, Witham
Date taken1915-1916
SourceRoy Gage
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