Old Photos of Witham

Wide part of Newland Street, north side

Taken: 1948-1960 approx, Source: Long, Mary, Ref: M1907

Wide part of Newland Street, north side. Left to right, 82 Newland Street (part; single storey with gable in front), gap which is entrance to 80 Newland Street, 78 Newland Street (with bay shop window), 76 Newland Street and 74 Newland Street (W J Marshall), 72 Newland Street (Davies), 70 Newland Street (Clarkes), 1 Guithavon Street (round corner, to right of pole), part of 68 Newland Street (striped awning). All the named shops arrived in the 1920s and stayed for some time after the War. So difficult to date. But general appearance of Clarke and Davies is same as on part of M1348 which is otherwise dated as after 1950, and style of car and ‘newness’ of actual card also suggests post-war.

PublisherJ Salmon Ltd. Sevenoaks
Date taken1948-1960 approx
SourceLong, Mary
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