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Witham postal staff outside the Post Office at 84 Newland Street

Taken: 1900 approx, Source: Maurice Smith, Ref: M322

Witham postal staff outside the Post Office at 84 Newland Street, which was purpose built in 1887. The stripes on the jackets show length of service. From left to right, back row, ???, possibly S Woolnough, H.Duncombe, E Hubbard (tall), Perry, ???, ???. Middle row, Peter Tyrell (kept Post Office at Chipping Hill, then had a shop at 30 Chipping Hill where he sold sweets, even on a Sunday), ???, ???, ???, W. Oxbrow (telegraphist, lived in last house in Maldon Road; his son was telegram boy and became postmaster at Gorleston in Suffolk), Thomas Gallop (postmaster; his sister also worked there, she had a bad hand), ???. Front row, ???, ???, ???, Woodwards, Springett (also had a smallholding opposite the Bridge Home in Hatfield Road, growing seeds; in the First World War changed to food production. Father of Miss Springett who lived in Homefield Road in c 1980s). For later photo (1910) including some of the same people, see M124, M721, M1107 (all the same picture).

Date taken1900 approx
SourceMaurice Smith
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