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Witham roller mills and Old Mill House, Guithavon Valley, with carts

Source: Maurice Smith, Ref: M540

Witham roller mills and Old Mill House, Guithavon Valley, with carts.

The water mill on the right was one of Witham’s ancient mills (demolished in 1948). The large mill house dates from the 18th century and is the only one of these buildings to survive today. The buildings on the left were steam mills, dating from the mid-19th century when Thomas Hoffgaard Shoobridge was the miller. This seems very advanced to me. Edward Mark Blyth took over in 1888 He introduced a gas engine and replaced the stones with rollers. Then in 1925 the business was moved to a new building near the station. But Witham people continues to enjoy “Blyth’s meadow, which is now oart of the River Walk (written with the help of the late Hervey Benham’s “Sone Essex Water Mills”.

SourceMaurice Smith
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