Old Photos of Witham

Women, nurses and band in parade in Newland Street

Taken: 1930s approx, Ref: M2160

Women, nurses and band in procession in Newland Street, probably turning into the Congregational church (now the URC). Perhaps a Remembrance Day parade. In the background, left to right, are 134 Newland Street (gas manager’s house, left of telegraph pole, facing up street), 128 Newland Street, 126 Newland Street (both left of telegraph pole), 124 Newland Street (gables, behind telegraph pole), 118 Newland Street (small, white), 102-116 Newland Street (some probably demolished or empty by 1939, rest not till c 1946), 100 Newland Street (three storey, with ivy, with name of firm, possibly Balch and Balch), 96-98 Newland Street (Christmas House, two storey, lots of ivy), 94 Newland Street (pale, with sign, ‘Witham Estate Agency), 92 Newland Street (with shop window, H M Barham, and hanging sign, including words ‘Clock House’). In directories, Henry Matson Barham, watch maker, was in directories 1926-1937, and he was here during WW2). Could be Mrs Eva Hayes (nee Croxall) in nurses’ uniform on left). Probably to right of her, in dark hat and coat, with brooch, Mrs Mabel Care, teacher at Maldon Road school. Tall lady on right of that left-hand group, carrying a box which may be a gas mask, is the wife of Albert Wright, builder, had yard behind the Albert, in directories living 7 Braintree Road 1929-1937). The band is Crittall’s, which probably disbanded before World War Two.

Date taken1930s approx
SourceWebb, David. 87 Station Road, Manningtree, Essex. CO11 1ED The photos formerly belonged to Lucy Croxall and her sisters. A relative of theirs from the Midlands (perhaps a brother) asked David, who was driving him in a taxi, to dispose of them about the 1980s, perhaps when the sisters moved to a home or when one died.
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