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Women’s group at Witham Lodge

Taken: 1920-1922, Source: Braintree and Witham Times. Neg is at ERO, Acc. A9314., Ref: M648

Group of women and children in front of large house. Said to be Ivy Chimneys but doesn’t look very like it. It looks like Witham Lodge to judge from Mike Wadhams’ photo thereof (ERO T/P 339, volume 1, picture 14). Michael de Monti ( has another copy (see email in people files). He doesn’t know where it is but says his grandmother Ada Bunce de Monti is at the left hand end of the front row of women who are sitting on chairs. His father John Hurka de Monti (born 22 May 1920) is sitting on her knee, and his aunt Brenda standing at the extreme left. Michael’s grandfather (John and Brenda’s father) was bandmaster at the Bridge Home before and after the First World War.

Date taken1920-1922
SourceBraintree and Witham Times. Neg is at ERO, Acc. A9314.
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