BL Web Archive

This Archive aims to preserve websites into the future. It is based in the British Library. I’ve received the following communication from them:

Subject  UKWA License Received 1 May 2022

Your completed licence form has been submitted successfully, thank you.  The British Library is very pleased to have received your submission for the UK Web Archive which we will process as soon as possible. Please note that although we make every effort to archive websites as completely as possible there is much that cannot be archived for technical reasons. Further details can be found in the Technical information section

Your website may not be available to view in the public archive for some time as we archive many thousands of websites and perform quality assurance checks on each instance. Due to the high number of submissions we receive, regrettably we cannot inform you when individual websites will be available to view in the archive at but please do check the archive regularly as new sites are added every day. In the meantime many thanks for participating in the UK Web Archive and please do nominate other websites that you think may be in scope for us,

Kind regards, Nicola Bingham