Tape 153. Mr Jim White, sides 7 and 8

Tape 153 Mr Jim White was born in 1915. He was interviewed on 13 December 1991, when he lived at 22 Cross Road. He also appears on tapes 62, 63, 149 and 154. For more information about him, see White, Jim, in the People category. The original recording of this interview is held at the … Continue reading “Tape 153. Mr Jim White, sides 7 and 8”

Tape 002. Mrs Dorothy Ireland (nee Goss), sides 3 and 4

Tape 2 Mrs Ireland was born in 1894, and was interviewed on 25 November 1976. when she lived at 12 Chalks Road, Witham. She also appears on tapes 1, 3, 7, 33, 86, 90 and 97. For more information about her, see the the notes in the people category headed Ireland, Mrs Dorothy (Dolly), nee … Continue reading “Tape 002. Mrs Dorothy Ireland (nee Goss), sides 3 and 4”

45. Reminiscences from Janet McGraw, nee Smith

This time the article about Witham’s past is written by a guest writer. She is Janet McGraw (nee Smith), who lives in North Carolina in the U.S.A.  She is on the photo, second from the left on the back row, dressed as the holly and the ivy. “I was born Janet Rosina Smith on April … Continue reading “45. Reminiscences from Janet McGraw, nee Smith”

25. Elementary Schools

Some of Witham’s children have recently moved up to our two ‘big schools’, Rickstones and Maltings (formerly Bramston). But until 1937, there were no separate ‘big schools’ in Witham. Instead we had two Elementary Schools, where most pupils stayed till it was time to leave school (at the age of twelve until 1921, and after … Continue reading “25. Elementary Schools”

02. Infants' schools

New infants are beginning school now, so I’ve been looking at what their lives would have been like a hundred years ago. In those days, many children started school when they were three or even two. The youngest ones were known as ‘the babies’. An inspector in 1899 wrote that ”the babies badly want a … Continue reading “02. Infants' schools”