Tape 002. Mrs Dorothy Ireland (nee Goss), sides 3 and 4

Tape 2 Mrs Ireland was born in 1894, and was interviewed on 25 November 1976. when she lived at 12 Chalks Road, Witham. She also appears on tapes 1, 3, 7, 33, 86, 90 and 97. For more information about her, see the the notes in the people category headed Ireland, Mrs Dorothy (Dolly), nee … Continue reading “Tape 002. Mrs Dorothy Ireland (nee Goss), sides 3 and 4”

12. The arrival of the railway

Recently I watched the steam locomotive Britannia, roaring through Witham with an excursion train. I tried to imagine what impact the very first trains would have had when our main line opened in February 1843. Previously the fastest and largest means of transport was a horse. Most people had never seen anything mechanical, something that … Continue reading “12. The arrival of the railway”