ONCE UPON A TIME I thought that a Witham website could contain everything that I wanted it to. But of course I was wrong. I am still surrounded by loads of files and papers, which could be really interesting on the website. But I shall never have the time to put them there. So let me explain that I am leaving all my papers about the history of Witham to the Essex Record Office, with their consent. So you should eventually be able to see them there when I’m gone, if you make the right arrangements. As well as the files I mentioned, there are boxes of photos. And especially there’s a large card index, mostly to people but also to places. There is quite a lot of information about the 17th century, which so far is not represented very much on this website. I don’t add to the card index now, but I still find it really invaluable for tracking people down.  So I hope you will too.