Photos of Witham

To look for a photo of a subject or person or place, you can use a Search box as usual. Or if you can see an item that you want in the lists below, clicking on that will produce the photo, or you can view the gallery.

The first group listed are the ‘Miscellaneous’ photos,  whose numbers start with M. They are of all ages, and the copies were given by all sorts of people – thank you to them.

After the end of that long list of M photos, there is a another list, this time of some of the ‘Witham’ photos, with numbers starting with W . These have been made from slides taken by Janet Gyford, starting in 1968. The list only includes the slides that have been scanned so far. But in another post you you can also See a full table of all W series slides.

See also the following tables of photos that are not available on this website: Photos of Witham (P series) and Slides of Witham (X series). They are kept in Janet Gyford’s collection.