Images of England: Witham

Cover of Images of England: Witham


You may already have got this book, with an elegant picnic on the cover like this one.

If so, you DON’T want the newer edition that is being sold now. It has an old fire engine on the cover. Apart from this cover, the old and the new are EXACTLY the same. So there must already be some people who have trustingly bought both.

This is the publishers’ doing, of course, though they never say so. I have even heard myself being blamed by some people in Witham, but actually I didn’t find out they’d done it until long afterwards.

I hope you’ll enjoy whichever edition you have. There are 230 photos dating from 1860 to 1999, most never published before. They show events like coronations, carnivals, and elections, disasters like fires and the 1905 rail crash. There is also everyday life in gardens, farmyards, factories, shops, schools and parks. You may appear on one of the photos yourself. If not, you might well recognise someone who does! Stories and reminiscences from many old Witham residents are included in the captions.

Available from:
Witham Information Centre, Town Hall, 61 Newland Street, Witham, Essex, CM8 2FE. Tel 01376 502674. Email

Also from Amazon though a bit hard to find – try searching for Janet Gyford. You are also shown the first 70 pages.