Tape 091. Mr Albert Poulter side 3

Mr Albert Poulter was born in about 1907. He was interviewed on 14 December 1983, when he lived at 15 Homefield Road, Witham (formerly of 19 Cressing Road).

He also appears on tapes 32, 105 and 106.

For more information about him and the Poulter family, see the notes in the People category entitled Poulter family.

The original recording of this interview is held at the Essex Sound and Video Archive. To listen to the recording, please contact them at ero.enquiry@essex.gov.uk or 033301 32500.

In 2006 this was not clear enough to make a transcript of. There are however some handwritten notes made just after the interview, in the series of files containing handwritten notes. Possibly the tape was clearer then.

Most of the tape consists of
(a) talk about photos M70-M72 – names mentioned were put on the appropriate database
(b) talk about Albert’s various researches in the history of Witham.
There is also a brief mention of a meeting of Crittall’s workers to ask for more money.

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