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Patriotic play at the Grove, ‘The Birth of the Union Jack’ (no.3). Group with garlands

Photographer: W E Bull, Taken: 18 August 1915, Source: Mott, Ted, Ref: M181

Patriotic play at the Grove, ‘The Birth of the Union Jack’ (no.3). Group with garlands. Perhaps the ‘flower dance’. Include, back row, five standing; Nellie Ottley (in middle, just left of tree; father was a carrier; she was later Mrs Coleman), Beatrice Ottley second from right, to right of Nellie, her cousin). The other seven kneeling, left to right, ? Pryke, Olive Reynolds (long hair over one shoulder), Vera Doole (slightly in front of Olive; father had Post Office in Chipping Hill), Miss Maisey (in centre on ground, dancing teacher who arranged the dances for the event), Doris Gaymer (in front of Nellie Ottley, later Mrs Goldsmith of Hatfield Pevererl), ???, Gladys Rushen.

Names mostly from Lucy Croxall.

See the Essex Weekly News, 20 August, 1915.

There are a large number of photos of this Patriotic Pageant as a whole: M173, M174, M175, M176, M177, M178, M179, M180, M181, M182, M183, M184, M1020, M1796, M1797.

PhotographerW E Bull
Date taken18 August 1915
SourceMott, Ted
Posted on Full size 4523 × 2815

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