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Patriotic play at the Grove, ‘The Birth of the Union Jack’ (no.5). Group dressed as sailors

Photographer: W E Bull, Taken: 18 August 1915, Source: Mott, Ted, Ref: M177

Patriotic play at the Grove, ‘The Birth of the Union Jack’ (no.5) (wrongly said to be in the Maldon Road Recreation Ground (the Park) in ‘Images of Witham’, before the newspaper report found). Group dressed as sailors. They performed a hornpipe. They include, left to right, back row, standing, left to right, Alice Bright (later Mrs Smith of Powershall End), Viven Powell Jones (of the Spread Eagle, later Mrs Lee of Dulwich), Olive Brown (father was antiques dealer where 37 Newland Street stood), Wallis Andrews (mother was a widow who taught at the Board school, Maldon Road; they lived in a cottage in Maldon Road), Beryl Hayward (daughter of Fred Hayward, photographer, of 55 Collingwood Road), Lucy Croxall (daughter of James Croxall, manager of gas works; she was later deputy head of Bramston school and lived at 38 Collingwood Road), Frances Revett (father of Prudential insurance agent; she was later Mrs Evitt of Maldon Road and then of Wickham Bishops). Front row, left to right, Beatrice? Ottley, Beatrice Dunlop (behind others), Gladys Clements (father was chauffeur at the Grove; she went to Hatfield), Eva Chignall, Dorothy Haggar (behind others, father was police sergeant Haggar), Hilda Pachent (father was chauffeur to Dr Ted Gimson; she lived in Maldon Road and married Mr Crabb but kept the name Pachent when widowed). Names mostly from Lucy Croxall.

See the Essex Weekly News, 20 August, 1915.

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PhotographerW E Bull
Date taken18 August 1915
SourceMott, Ted
Posted on Full size 4512 × 2817

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