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Patriotic play at the Grove, ‘The Birth of the Union Jack’ (no.8). Group forming Union Jack

Photographer: W E Bull, Taken: 18 August 1915, Source: Mott, Ted, Ref: M179

Patriotic play at the Grove, ‘The Birth of the Union Jack’ (no.8). A group portraying the Union Jack. The children wore paper dresses, some red, some white, some blue.

Include in group of three facing the camera front left, Marion? Page?, centre one of three, and Catherine Brown, right hand one of the three (daughter of Percy Brown of Collingwood House, corn merchant).

To the right of Catherine, also on the front, across a gap, with long hair over one shoulder, below the left hand side of the main tree trunk, is Joan Howlett (daughter of Linley Howlett, organist at All Saints). Marjorie Brown is immediately to right of Joan, slightly behind, looking to side, below right hand side of tree trunk (sister of Catherine).

Of the group of four facing the camera on the right, the second from the right, with fair wavy hair, is Vera Turner (later Mrs Howell).

Names were mostly from Lucy Croxall, Mrs Howell’s from herself.

There’s a report in the Essex Weekly News, 20 August, 1915.

There is another photo, M1020, showing the same group as this one, but from a different angle and distance.

There are a large number of photos of this Patriotic Pageant as a whole: M173, M174, M175, M176, M177, M178, M179, M180, M181, M182, M183, M184, M1020, M1796, M1797.

PhotographerW E Bull
Date taken18 August 1915
SourceMott, Ted
Posted on Full size 4532 × 2788

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