Baldwin family (Annie Ralling, nee Baldwin; Elsie Baxter, nee Baldwin; and Alf Baxter)

Notes on the Baldwin family and Alf Baxter


Annie Ralling, nee Baldwin, for whom see tapes 22, 36 and 45.

Elsie Baxter, nee Baldwin. and her husband Alf Baxter, for whom see tapes 78, 80 and 81.

Annie, 1900. Elsie July 1898, both at Grays Thurrock. Alf c 1900 at Heybridge.

Annie and Elsie’s Father, Daniel Baldwin died 1952 aged 82. Was manager of Witham Co-op having previously worked in Grays Co-op and then been manager at Tilbury.
His first wife died, his second, the mother of Annie and Elsie, was Lucy Kate, died in c 1937 aged 69.
Annie and Elsie’s brothers and sisters Two boys (Stanley and Bertie?) and a girl (Nellie Beatrice?) from the first marriage, then from the second, Elsie, then Annie, then boy who died, then Claude, then twin brothers (one of them Rex?), then Dora.
So nine children altogether, Annie in the middle.

Alf’s parents. Walter, born c 1872, Heybridge. ‘Coal and furniture carman’, in 1901 census, then on the land in the summer and maltings in winter according to Alf. Died 1948. Mother Hannah, nee Allen, born c 1872 at Kelvedon, Baptist family. They both lived in London when single then came back to Essex when married.
Alf’s brother and sisters.  Younger brother Bert born c 1906. Sister Grace who moved to Romford. Another sister Queenie Mabel died at nine months old in c. 1905.

Baldwins and Baxters to Church School in Guithavon Street except Annie moved to Council School in Maldon Road from age 12 to 14.

Elsie and Annie
Both born in Grays Thurrock  Then to Tilbury.
1904 – Family came to Witham, lived first in Braintree Road.
1905 approx moved to behind in Kings Chase, at what was known as 109 Newland Street, behind the part of the Co-op now 105 Newland Street. Father in the job at the Co-op till 1926 according to directories. Parents stayed there afterwards.
1916 to c 1922-23 Annie to Stansted as nursery maid.
1933 when married, to Heybridge at first.
1935 and 1936 Husband’s shoe shop in Maldon Road, summer working at Clacton.
1938 55 Chipping Hill, husband’s shoe repairing shop.
Born at Heybridge. At Trafalgar Square in Witham in 1901 census. Then to Newland Street somewhere in numbers 102-116.
Alf and Elsie –
Shared house in Maldon Road, one of four near Maltings Lane when first married (1924)
To 121 Cressing Road, Council House, c. 1925 (there about twelve years). To 21 Braintree Road c.1937 (there 29 years). To Dengie Close c 1966 and- there at time of interview (1983) and for previous 17 years.

Annie married Charlie Ralling 8 April 1933. His family came from Haverhill to Witham in 1915 and he was apprenticed to Dowsett’s shoe shop [56 Newland Street]. Then he taught at Bridge Home till he got his own shop.
The Baxters married in 1924.

Annie and her husband had a daughter who died at three weeks. Then they brought up a niece, Brenda, after Annie’s sister died, but Brenda died with diphtheria when she was eight.
Alf and Elsie had two daughters, Freda, the oldest, died when she was 22, the other was Pam.

1914 into service at Miss Fowler in Witham
1916 to 1923 nursery maid to Charles Gould and family at Stansted.
1923 In refreshment room in Witham (West then Kuhn)
1923 Briefly in Hasler’s general shop at 51 Newland Street.
1923 to c 1930, manager of Price’s fruit shop in Witham (51 Newland Street)
1930 briefly, Housemaid with Harcourt Goulds at Wickham Bishops.
1935 and 1936. After married (which was in 1933) and baby daughter died, two summer seasons in Price’s shop in Jaywick.
c 1912-1914 Apprentice dressmaker with Miss Smith.
c 1914-1916 Children’s nurse first at Mr Horner, vet, in Witham, then at doctor’s in London.
1916 –1920 approx, Co-op
c 1921 Looking after ‘Poor Law’ children at Ongar
c 1910-1912, at school, errand boy for Spurge, and cleaning cutlery at house where Spurge’s shop girls lived.
1914, Co-op
1918-1919, Army
1921 onwards, Crittall’s till retired

Elsie  1993. Alf 1993.

Alf and Elsie’s daughter Pam Baxter, 7A Humber Road, Witham.

Extracts from relevant documents:

1901 census
RG 13/1659, ED 12, page 42, schedule 249, 29 Bedford Road, Grays
Daniel B Baldwin    Head    M    33    Manager grocery etc shop    born Essex, Low Street
Lucy K Baldwin    Wife    M    32        born Hants, Portsmouth
Nellie    Dau        14        born Essex, Grays
Stanley    Son        11        born Essex, Grays
Bertie    Son        9        born Essex, Grays
Elsie    Dau        2        born Essex, Grays
Annie    Dau        7 mo        born Essex, Grays

1901 census
RG 13/1725, f.30, p.21, schedule 126, Trafalgar Square, Witham
Walter Baxter    Head    M    29    Coal and Furniture Carman    born Essex, Heybridge
Hannah J Baxter    Wife    M    29        born Essex, Kelvedon
Alfred C H W Baxter    Son        1        born Essex, Heybridge
Infant    Daur        2 mo        born Essex, Witham

1920 electoral register
Kings Chase, Daniel Benjamin Baldwin, Lucy Kate Baldwin.

1930 electoral register
109 Newland Street, Daniel Benjamin Baldwin, Lucy Kate Baldwin, Nellie Beatrice Baldwin, Annie Baldwin, Claud Baldwin, Dora Baldwin, Rex Baldwin (Rex marked with an ‘a’ probably absent).
121 Cressing Road, Alfred Baxter and Elsie Baxter.

1938 electoral register
109 Newland Street, Daniel Benjamin Baldwin, Nellie Beatrice Baldwin.
41 Chipping Hill [later 55] Charles Walter Ralling, Anne Ralling.
21 Braintree Road, Alfred Charles Baxter, Elsie Baxter.

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