Pavelin family, including Florence (Flo)

Notes on the Pavelin family, including Florence (Flo)

John, William, Alfred, Walter and Florence (Flo) Pavelin, from censuses and from information from Flo and John

See oral history tapes 134, 135, 144 for Flo.

Family tree


1841 census, HO 107/343/17, f.34, Victoria Cottages
John Paveling            40    Ag lab    born in Essex
Elizabeth Paveling            40        born in Essex
Susan Paveling            20        born in Essex
William Paveling            20    Ag lab    born in Essex
James Paveling            18    Ag lab    born in Essex
Joseph Paveling            13        born in Essex
David Paveling            11        born in Essex
Thomas Paveling            9        born in Essex
Sarah Paveling            6        born in Essex
Hannah Paveling            3        born in Essex
Samuel Paveling            1        born in Essex

1851 census, HO 107/1783, ff.150-151, pp.7-8, schedule 22, Ivy Chimneys Cottages
John Pavelin    Head    M    52    Ag lab    born Essex, Lt Dunmow
Elizabeth Pavelin    Wife    M    51        born Essex, Gt Dunmow
Joseph Pavelin    Son    U    23    Ag lab    born Essex, Witham
David Pavelin    Son    U    20    Ag lab    born Essex, Witham
Thomas Pavelin    Son        18    Ag lab    born Essex, Witham
Sarah A E Pavelin    Dau        15        born Essex, Witham
Hannah Pavelin    Dau        13        born Essex, Witham
Samuel Pavelin    Son        11    Ag lab    born Essex, Witham

1861 census, RG 9/1107, f.12, p.17, schedule 93, Ivy Chimneys Cottages
John Paveling    Head    M    62    Agricultural labourer    born Essex, Little Dunmow
Elizabeth Paveling    Wife    M    62    Wife of ditto    born Essex, Great Dummow
Walter Smith    Grandson    U    7    Scholar    born Essex, Witham

1871 census, RG 10/1695, f.11, p.14, schedule 76, Hatfield Road
John Pavelin    H    M    74    Ag lab    born Essex, Little Dunmow
Elizabeth Pavelin    W        74        born Essex, Great Dunmow
Walter Smith    Grandson    U    17    Ag lab    born Essex, Witham
Sarah A Smith    Granddau    U    13    No occ    born Essex, Witham

1881 census, RG 11/1809, f.8, p.10, schedule 65, Almshouse, Spinks Lane
Elizabeth Paveling    H    W    83    Inmate of almshouse    born Essex, Great Dunmow


1841 census
See above for William

1851 census, HO 107/1783, f.183, p.25, schedule 92, Maldon Road Square
William Pavelin    H    M    29    Labourer    born Essex, Witham
Eliza Pavelin    W    M    27        born Essex, Witham
James Pavelin    S    U    1    Infant    born Essex, Witham
William Bowyer    Wife’s son    U    8    Scholar    born Essex, Witham
Alfred Ruffell    Lodger    U    18    Labourer    born Essex, Coggeshall

1861 census, RG 9/1107, f.57, p.15, schedule 75, 5 Smith’s Square, Maldon Road
William Paveling    Head    M    39    General labourer    born Essex, Witham
Eliza Paveling    Wife    M    37        born Essex, Witham
Alfred Paveling    Son        9        born Essex, Witham
Emma Paveling    Daur        7    Scholar    born Essex, Witham
Elizabeth Paveling    Daur        5    Scholar    born Essex, Witham
Hannah Paveling    Daur        4    Scholar    born Essex, Witham
Millna Paveling    Daur        2    Scholar    born Essex, Witham
Harriet Paveling    Daur        1        born Essex, Witham

1871 census, RG 10/1695, f.78, p.?4, schedule 64, Post Hall End
William Pavelin    Widr    W    48    Labourer    born Essex, Witham
Elizabeth Pavelin    Dau    U    14    Scholar    born Essex, Witham
Harriett Pavelin    Dau    U    11    Scholar    born Essex, Witham
Susannah Pavelin    Daur    U    9    Scholar    born Essex, Witham

1881 census, RG 11/1809, f.19, p.1, schedule 3, the Swan, Newland Street (with others)
William Pavelin    Lodger    Widr    61    General labourer    born Essex, Witham

1891 census, RG 12/1422, f.11, Braintree Union Workhouse, Bocking
William Paveling    Inmate    Widr    78    General labourer    born Essex, Witham


Can’t see Alfred in 1871 census index

1881 census, RG 11/1809, f.13, p.20, schedule 24
Alfred Paveling    Head    M    29    Ag lab    born Essex, Witham
Annie Paveling    Wife    M    23        born Essex, Witham
Richard W Paveling    Son        1        born Essex, Witham

1891 census, RG 12/1425, f.10, p.14, schedule 93, Brick Kiln Cottages
Alfred Pavelin    Head    M    39    Jobbing gardener    born Essex, Witham
Annie Pavelin    Wife    M    35        born Essex, Witham`
Walter Pavelin    Son    S    11    Scholar    born Essex, Witham
Annie Pavelin    Daur    S    9    Scholar    born Essex, Witham
Hannah Pavelin    Daur        7    Scholar    born Essex, Witham

1901 census, RG 13/1725, f.10, p.12, schedule 80, Luards Cottages
Alfred Pavelin    Head    M    50    Agricultural labourer    born Essex, Witham
Sarah A A Pavelin    Wife    M    43        born Essex, Witham
Walter Pavelin    Son    S    21    Gardener domestic    born Essex, Witham
Hannah Pavelin    Daur    S    16        born Essex, Witham
Albert Pavelin    Son        8        born Essex, Witham

1911 electoral register – occupation electors
Pavelin, Alfred, Hatfield Road
Pavelin, George, Hatfield Road
Pavelin, Robert John, Bridge Street
Pavelin, Walter, Grove Cottages

1920 electoral register
Pavelin, Sarah, Bridge Street
Pavelin, Richard Walter, Ardley’s Yard, Newland Street
Pavelin, Ada, Ardley’s Yard, Newland Street
Pavelin, Samuel, Church Street
Pavelin, George, Bridge Street
Pavelin, Robert John, Albert Road
Pavelin, Lavinia, Albert Road

1930 electoral register
22 Albert Road, Lavinia Pavelin
15 Bridge Street, Sarah Pavelin
61 Newland Street, Florence Kate Pavelin (with Alfred Samuel Allshorn and Ida Mary Allshorn
3 Victoria Cottages, Malting Road: Ada Pavelin, Alfred James Pavelin, Richard Walter Pavelin, Walter Richard Pavelin.

Braintree and Witham Times, 28 March 1940, page 2
‘Death of Witham gardener. Well known as a gardener, Mr Richard Walter Pavelin, aged 61, Church Street, Witham, died last week. For 13 years Mr Pavelin was employed as a gardener at the Grove by the late Mr Percy Laurence, and afterwards at Freebournes Farm by the late Mr Bertie Wakelin. During the Great War he served in the Durham Light Infantry. As a young man he lost the use of one eye’.

Flo Pavelin, other information

Family in Grove Cottages till First World War, father in army and moved to Ardley’s yard (behind 137 Newland Street). Then to Bridge Street.
Meanwhile Flo herself lived on the premises at most of the jobs mentioned below.
Then about 1939 to 127 Church Street. Her father died in 1940 and she took over the tenancy and stayed there the rest of her life.

National School, Guithavon Street

Left school c 1918.
First spent a week at the glove factory till the doctor said she wasn’t fit for it.
Then looking after children at Reverend Reed’s at the Parsonage.
Then general help at the doctors’ surgery, 129 Collingwood Road, serving at table, cleaning, answering phones, etc., there for about six years.
Then to Allshorns at the bank (61 Newland Street) as cook, was there when 1930 electoral roll taken, i.e. in autumn 1929. There seven years.
Then briefly with them to Ealing when Mr Allshorn retired but didn’t like it; there when R101 Airship crashed in October 1930.
c 1934, back to Witham and cook at Gerald Bright’s.
Then at home for a while because of ill health.
Once, after illness, not known when, temporary cook for family of Armstrong Gibbs at Frinton.
Then cook to Gurneys at High Hall, Wickham Bishops, for three months, there in 1937.
Then to Mount Hill Chelmsford as cook.
Then when Second World War started, returned to Witham and lived in Church Street house with her mother, and from 1941 worked in the Co-op in provisions. Stayed there till retired, 1964. On Provisions nearly all time, just before she left, on checkout in new self service system.

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