Pinkham’s Glove Factory. Names of people in photo M480 and M502

This information about people at the Glove Factory was collected and set out by the late Mrs Pat Vojak of Chalks Road. Her mother was the late Mrs Annie Hollick who had worked at the factory.

For the photos which are large and complicated, it seems wisest to use Pat’s own layouts and explanations, as below. They should make it possible to identify people where they are known.

Photo M480, a large group dating from 1947 or 1948.
M502 is a copy of the same photograph.

Here are:
(1) The photo itself
(2) A drawing of the heads, numbered
(3) A chart with names, where known.
(4) A typed list of names, which will show up in a search if needed.

Doreen Hooker (later Mrs Smith), Shirley Brannen, Gladys Claydon (later Mrs Murton), Miss or Mrs Jiggins, Rosie Burch, Pat Driver (later Mrs Wright), Gladys Rushen, Ethel Ellis, Agnes Ellis, Doris Brown, Miss Hawkes (later Mrs Keeble), Blanche Parmenter (later Mrs Keeble), Barbara Brown (later Mrs Brown), Miss Cole (later Mrs Hammond), Miss Ewers (later Mrs Ladham), Ella Quilter (later Mrs Emmens) (new information from Stewart Emmens, 2019), Ada Smith, Nellie Edwards (later Mrs Barber), Miss Houson, Miss Jackson, Minnie Ottley, Freda Wade (later Mrs Ross and later Mrs Sach), Mary Hood, Herbert Keeble (manager), John Pinkham (son of owner), Leslie (Bert) Pinkham (owner), Mrs Pinkham (Leslie’s second wife), Richard Pinkham (owner’s son), John Scott, Cynthia Bickers (later Mrs Herbert), Miss ??? (canteen cook, later Mrs Driver), May King, Glynis Wright (later Mrs Owers), Edith Butcher, Joan Shelley, Edith Hawkes (later Mrs Keeble), Miss ??? (later Mrs Richmond), Marion Ottley, Gladys Clements, Cathy Barber, Bill King, Geoff Ellis, Jackie Ladkin, Jamie Andrews, Frank Taylor, Tommy Rushen, Billie Willsher, Mr Webb, Michael Smith, Fred Bell, John Albone, Vic Keeble, Reuben ???, Dolly King (later Mrs Meakins), Nell Howe, Edie Richards, Betty Rushen, Kit Shelley (later Mrs Burmby), Miss Balls, Violet Burch (later Mrs Clark), Ciss Newman (later Mrs Digby), Gladys Hayes (later Mrs Revett), Doris Parmenter, Eileen Jennings, Marlene Hayley, Eva Rushen, Glynis Claydon, Betty Hawkes, Pam Bright (later Mrs Boylan), Jean Horsnell, Kathy Andrews (later Mrs Larke), Amy Aylott.


2 thoughts on “Pinkham’s Glove Factory. Names of people in photo M480 and M502”

  1. Came across this image by chance. Looking at the names list, row 2, no 14 described as “Miss ??? (later Mrs Emmens)” was my grandmother. She would have then been Ella Quilter.

    (NB – I was born in Witham and lived there until my early 20s, my father was still living in the town until his death in 2013 and I retain both a strong fondness and continued interest in the place.)

    1. Hello Stewart,
      I’m not sure whether I’ve replied to you yet – if not I’m sorry ! I think I can remember writing something about the name Emmens. Anyway, I think my son has improved the quality now, so that’s worth mentioning. Also, if you click search at the top right of a page, and type Emmens, you should be able to see other posts which include that name. Mostly footballers, as far as I could see

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