Shops etc. in Witham in 1984, with street numbers

Survey carried out by Janet Gyford

Other posts have similar surveys for 1969, 1979, 1989, 1995-6, and from 2000 onwards.

Some residential property is included as well if it is intermingled with commercial property

In many cases, where there is an address combining several numbers (e.g. 23-27), the individual addresses are written out afterwards in brackets. This is so that a search for one of the individual addresses might find it. This has not been done for long series of residential numbers.

For the same reason, addresses with a, b etc. in the number have the main number in brackets afterwards, e.g. 5a Newland Street (part of 5 Newland Street).

AddressDescription if anyTitleOccupation
4 Guithavon Street (old building, behind 68 Newland Street, part)ShopDaymesShoes
4 Guithavon Street (behind Newland Street, part)ShopLarveClothes
4 Guithavon Street (behind Newland Street, part, above)???.------
8 Guithavon Street (part), (may not be 8; new building east side, north of no. 4)ShopFarthingsFruit and vegetables
8 Guithavon Street (part) (may not be 8; new building east side, north of no. 4)Estate agentJonathansEstate agent
Newlands Shopping CentreShops[Details not noted]---
Newland Street (esst of no. 1)Police StationPolice StationPolice Station
1 Newland Street (Grove House)OfficesSedgwickInsurance
3 Newland Street (east end, ground floor)ShopKempcoOffice Supplies
3 Newland Street (west end, ground floor)TakeawayTommy TuckerTakeaway, fried food
3 Newland Street (first floor, entrance west end)SalonsJeanna’s Hair Design; Sweeny’s the BarbersHairdressing
5 Newland Street (east end)ShopP.and P.‘Home improvements’, DIY supplies
5 Newland Street (upstairs, door between P and P and Stoffer)SalonMaison CeciliaHairdressing
5 Newland Street (between P and P and Post Office)ShopStofferChemists and dispensary
5 Newland Street, General Post OfficePost OfficeGeneral Post OfficePost Office
5 Newland Street, High HouseClubSquaresClub
5a Newland Street (east of 5b) (part of 5 Newland Street)ShopB.ClarkeOptician
5b Newland Street (between 5a and Red Lion) (part of 5 Newland Street)OfficeTudor Employment AgencyRecruitment
7 Newland StreetPublic houseRed LionPublic house
9 Newland StreetBuilding societyWoolwich Building SocietyBuilding society
11 Newland StreetRestaurantR.J.RooksBaker and restaurant
13 Newland StreetShopE.Bixby and co.‘Jeweller and silversmith’
29 Newland StreetEmpty shop------
31 Newland Street (east end)ShopJunior Just So (till December; Spendrite (clothes came December)Children’s clothes
31 Newland Street (west end)Shoe repairsEssex Shoe RepairsShoe repairs
33 Newland StreetPart of shop?Store for Woolworth? (see 35)Part of shop
35 Newland StreetShopWoolworthsMiscellaneous
37 Newland StreetSuper-marketTescoSupermarket
Newland Street, White Hart (no number)Public house and hotelWhite HartPublic house and hotel
39-41 Newland Street (39 Newland Street, 41 Newland Street)ShopGallantOutdoor clothing, camping, etc.
43 Newland StreetEmpty shop------
45 Newland StreetEmpty shop------
47-49 Newland Street (47 Newland Street, 49 Newland Street)Public house and hotelSpread EaglePublic house and hotel
51 Newland StreetShopSue RyderCharity shop
53 Newland StreetOfficeKemsley, Whiteley and FerrisChartered Surveyors
55 Newland StreetBankTrustee Savings BankBank
57 Newland StreetBankMidland BankBank
59 Newland StreetBankBarclaysBank
61 Newland StreetBuilding societyTown and Country Building SocietyBuilding society
63 Newland StreetShopMondyIronmongers, hardware
65 Newland StreetOfficeBawtree and SonsSolicitors
67a Newland Street (east of 67b) (part of 67 Newland Street)Building societyCheshunt Building SocietyBuilding society
67b Newland Street (west of 67a) (part of 67 Newland Street)Estate agentLestersEstate agent
83 Newland StreetShop and bakeryE.T.GilbertBaker
85 Newland StreetShopE.King and SonsJewellery, watches etc.
87-89 Newland Street (87 Newland Street, 89 Newland Street)OfficeF.H.Bright and SonsSolicitors
91 Newland StreetNewspaper officeBraintree and Witham TimesNewspaper office
93 Newland StreetEstate agent and Building societyAbbotts, with Abbey National Building Society (combined office)Estate agent and building society
95 Newland StreetBankNational Westminster BankBank
99 Newland Street (ground)BankLloyds BankBank
99 Newland Street (above)OfficeBaverstock Pollock and Co.Accountants
101 Newland StreetSuper-marketSparSupermarket
103-105, 113-115 Newland Street t (103 Newland Street, 105 Newland Street, 113 Newland Street, 115 Newland Street)Department storeCo-opDepartment store
117 Newland StreetEmpty? (or part of 119)------
119 Newland Street (ground, part)OfficeEast Anglia Plate Co.‘Photo-lithography’
119 Newland Street (ground, part)OfficeAnglia Reproductions, Reg.Office???
119 Newland Street (first, part)OfficeFrepat Electronics Ltd.Electronics
119 Newland Street (first, part)OfficeLedoux and Co. (Europe) Ltd.???
119 Newland Street (second floor)OfficeBrantham Engineering Ltd.Engineering
121 Newland Street (then known as 121-123) (part)OfficeQuilter Savill AssociatesArchitect and planning
121 Newland Street (then known as 121-123) (part)ClinicR.B.Graham?Chiropodist
123 Newland Street (up alley; number noted in 1995))Empty? (or possibly just missed)------
125 Newland StreetOfficeRoy BelshamArchitect
127 Newland StreetEmpty house------
129 Newland StreetSurgeryDoctor’s surgeryDoctors’ surgery
131-135 Newland Street (in yard) (131 Newland Street, 133 Newland Street, 135 Newland Street)???---???
137 Newland StreetEmpty--- (previously Pharmaram, chemist; became ‘Oh for a Drink’, off-licence, in Feb.1986)Betting office
139 Newland StreetShopMr ElliottsMen’s clothes
141 Newland StreetSurgeryDental Surgery (J.P.E.Goold et al.)Dental surgery
143 Newland StreetShopPets (December 1984 became Poseurs, clothes, which closed Feb 1989 after theft)Pets’ goods
145-147 Newland Street (145 Newland Street, 147 Newland Street)Vacant site with corrugated iron in front------
149-151 Newland Street (149 Newland Street, 151 Newland Street)ShopMotormaniaCar accessories
153 Newland Street, The SwanPublic houseThe SwanPublic house
155-157 Newland StreetWorkshopGinettaAssembling sports and racing cars
Newland Street (north side, east corner of Avenue Road)Roman Catholic church and presbytery (and empty school building; the latter demolished early 1989)---Church and house
Newland Street (between Avenue Road and the Avenue)Not noted------
2 Newland Street, Newbury HouseHouse---Residential
4 Newland Street, Avenue HouseHouse---Residential
6 Newland StreetSurgeryRoger DaviesDental surgery
8 Newland StreetHouse---Residential
10 Newland StreetHouse---Residential
12 Newland Street (part)OfficeMalcolm G.Smith‘Insurance Consultants’
12 Newland Street (part)OfficeRoyal LiverInsurance
14 Newland Street (at rear)House---Residential
16 Newland Street, Roslyn HouseOfficeTarmac HomesProperty
18 Newland StreetLibraryWitham LibraryLibrary
18 Newland Street (first floor, part)OfficeRegistrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Braintree sub-districtRegistrar
18 Newland Street (first floor, part)OfficeCareers CentreCareers advice
20 Newland Street, Tiptree VillaHouse---Residential
22-26 Newland Street (22 Newland Street, 24 Newland Street, 26 Newland Street)Houses---Residential
28 Newland StreetShopH.W.StoneElectrical goods
30 Newland StreetShopWaide PollardeClothes
32 Newland StreetTravel agentWitham Travel Ltd.Travel agent
34 Newland StreetShopGK’s‘Motor factor’, car accessories
36 Newland StreetPublic houseThe GeorgePublic house
38 Newland StreetShopEastern ElectricityElectrical goods and payment centre
40 Newland StreetShopLisa MarieLadies’ clothes
42-44 Newland Street (42 Newland Street, 44 Newland Street)Super-marketLiptons
(Closed March 1986)
46 Newland StreetShopMatthewsButcher
48 Newland StreetShopSketchleyDry cleaning
50 Newland StreetShopMartinsNewsagents, confectionery etc.
52 Newland StreetShopFostersMen’s clothing
54 Newland StreetOpticianEdmund WilkesOptician
56 Newland StreetShopHiltonShoes
58a Newland Street (i.e. east end of 58) (part of 58 Newland Street)Estate agentBairstow EvesEstate agent
58 Newland Street (i.e. west end of 58) (part of 58 Newland Street)Empty?------
60 Newland StreetShopKingstonButcher
62 Newland Street (east part)ShopR.A.ColeShoes
62 Newland Street (west part)ShopWitham Sports
(changed name to Emmelle after its owner Mike Leary, c Feb 1989)
Sports goods
64 Newland StreetShopDER TVTelevision sales and hire
66b Newland Street (i.e. east end of 66) (part of 66 Newland Street)OfficeEssex Business Centre???
66b Newland Street (i.e. east end) (part of 66 Newland Street)OfficeDure Insurance ServicesInsurance
66 Newland Street (i.e. west end of 66, ground floor)Travel agentTravelworldTravel agent
68 Newland StreetTravel and ticket agentKeith ProwseTravel and ticket agent
70 Newland StreetShop and post officeMartinsNewsagent, confectioner etc.
72 Newland StreetShopAdamsChildren’s clothes
74-76 Newland Street (74 Newland Street, 76 Newland Street)ShopRumbelowElectrical goods
78 Newland StreetFuneral serviceRichardsFuneral service
78c Newland Street (west of 78) (part of 78 Newland Street)ShopMichelleFlorist
78d Newland Street (entry at side of 78c) (part of 78 Newland Street)OfficeAnne CastellSolicitor
80 Newland StreetShopMellonsWallpaper and decorating
82-84 Newland Street (82 Newland Street, 84 Newland Street)ShopCoopersDrapery, haberdashery etc.
84c Newland Street (rear of 84) (part of 84 Newland Street)Picture framingArtframersPicture framing
86 Newland StreetShopEastern GasGas equipment sales and payment centre
88 Newland StreetShopL.HoltButcher
88 Newland Street (above)OfficeBaverstock PollockAccountants
88 Newland Street (above)OfficeNigel ChapmanArchitects and planning consultants
Newland Street (between 88 and 90)ChurchUnited Reformed ChurchChurch
90-92 Newland Street (90 Newland Street, 92 Newland Street)ShopByfordsFurniture, china, etc.
94 Newland StreetSalonSilhouette du BarryHairdressers
96 Newland Street (ground)Building societyAnglia Building SocietyBuilding society
98 Newland Street (ground) (part)Estate agentBalchEstate agents
98 Newland Street (ground) (part)Building societyNationwide Building SocietyBuilding Society
98 Newland Street (over) (part)OfficeWilliams and BaconSolicitors
98 Newland Street (over) (part)OfficeGerald Herbert Insurance ServicesInsurance
98 Newland Street (over) (part)Building societyLeeds Permanent Building SocietyBuilding Society
100 Newland StreetBatsford Court Hotel------
102-116 Newland Street (no buildings)Empty site------
118-120 Newland Street (118 Newland Street, 120 Newland Street)House---Residential
124 Newland StreetShopBornoChemist and pharmacy
124 Newland Street (side entrance)OfficeAlison and PartnersInsurance brokers
126-128 Newland Street (126 Newland Street, 128 Newland Street)ShopE.G.CoatesElectrical goods and cycles
130 Newland Street (including former forge)Public houseThe CrotchetPublic house
132 Newland StreetShopA.J.M.GlassGlass

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