Witham Carnival in the 1930s

This was written for me in 2001 by Mrs Peggy Blake (nee Butcher). ‘Notting Hill’, it wasn’t, but the effort, enthusiasm and hard work of everyone made up for any modern glitter ! Mums sewed miles of crepe paper into frilly dresses – “Don’t sit down until after the judging dear”. There was usually a … Continue reading “Witham Carnival in the 1930s”

The Lees family and the Midland Bank during the Second World War

  Introduction by Janet Gyford The text was written by James Lees (later known as Dickie), with sections by his father Stanley, who was Cashier in Charge at the Midland Bank. James’ younger brother was Christopher (nicknamed Topher). Jill, born in 1940, was the boys’ younger sister. Their mother was always present but not named. … Continue reading “The Lees family and the Midland Bank during the Second World War”

11. The Festival of Britain in 1951

In June 1951, sixty years ago, there was a lot of negative talk about Witham’s forthcoming carnival. There were very few entries for the procession and for the competitions, and hardly any decorations were on view. But fortunately everything turned out very well in the end. Two days before the event, the Braintree and Times … Continue reading “11. The Festival of Britain in 1951”