Poulter family

The Poulter family For an interview with Charlie Poulter, see tape 9. For interviews with his brother Albert Poulter, see tapes 32, 91, 105 and 106 Charlie Poulter and his brother Albert Both born in Witham, at what was later 147 Newland Street. Parents, Thomas and Emily, and early residences The family story is that … Continue reading “Poulter family”

Tape 009. Mr Charlie Poulter, sides 1 and 2

Tape 9 Mr Charlie Poulter was born in 1902, and was interviewed on 11 March 1977, when he lived at 111 Cressing Road, Witham. For more information about him and the Poulter family, see the the notes in the People category headed Poulter family. The original recording of this interview is held at the Essex … Continue reading “Tape 009. Mr Charlie Poulter, sides 1 and 2”