Leatherdale, Doris, nee Hawkes

Notes on Mrs Doris Leatherdale, nee Hawkes See interview tape 118. Born November 1920, Chess Lane Brothers and sisters Eleven children in the family. Girls Vena[?], Ivy, Joan and Betty. Later life, two brothers lived in Ascot, one in Harlow, another in Springfield. Sisters when married included Mrs Sawyer, Mrs Stock and Mrs Nash[?], all … Continue reading “Leatherdale, Doris, nee Hawkes”

Tape 118. Mrs Doris Leatherdale (nee Hawkes), side 1

Mrs Doris Leatherdale (nee Hawkes), was born in 1920. She was interviewed on 14 March 1988, when she lived at 4 Bramston Green, Witham. For more information about her, see Leatherdale, Doris, nee Hawkes The original recording of this interview is held at the Essex Sound and Video Archive. To listen to the recording, please … Continue reading “Tape 118. Mrs Doris Leatherdale (nee Hawkes), side 1”