Evitt, Frances, nee Revett

Notes on Mrs Frances Evitt (nee Revett) See interview tape 119 BornĀ  1904 Parents Father from Maldon, parents kept pub. He was Prudential agent. Siblings. Brother was cabinet maker in Maldon Road, Witham. Sister Daisy Revett, born 1900. Residences: Lived in Guithavon Road as a child. The Avenue when married, for about 30 years Then … Continue reading “Evitt, Frances, nee Revett”

Tape 119. Mrs Frances Evitt (nee Revett), sides 1 and 2

Mrs Frances Evitt (nee Revett), was born in 1904. She was interviewed on 28 May 1987, when she lived at 32 Blacksmiths Lane, Wickham Bishops. For more information about her, see Evitt, Frances, nee Revett in the People category. The original recording of this interview is held at the Essex Sound and Video Archive. To … Continue reading “Tape 119. Mrs Frances Evitt (nee Revett), sides 1 and 2”