Women in Witham, 18th-19th centuries

  WOMEN IN WITHAM IN THE 19th and 20TH CENTURIES Most of these reports come from local newspapers, which give much more detail and can be read in the Essex Record Office or in my own notes. Chelmsford Chronicle, 23 June 1848 Mrs Balfour spoke about ‘The Moral and Intellectual Influence of Women in Society’. … Continue reading “Women in Witham, 18th-19th centuries”

35. Hard working women

When I see large vans distributing online food orders, I sometimes think of Mrs Evelyn Shelley. During the 1930s she had a small fruit and vegetable shop in Newland Street (number 51). People often asked for their purchases to be delivered to their homes. So from time to time Mrs Shelley would shut the shop … Continue reading “35. Hard working women”