Books and Articles about Witham

There are doubtless others !

Henrietta Barnewall, A Hundred Years ago: or, a narrative of events leading to the marriage and conversion to the Catholic Faith of Mr and Mrs M Sidney (1877).

Rev. John Bramston, Witham in Olden Times: Two lectures delivered at Witham Literary Institution (1855).

R H Britnell, ‘The Making of Witham’, in History Studies, volume 1, no. 1, May 1968.

A F J Brown (ed.) Witham in the 18th Century (Workers’ Educational Association, 1963).

Edward Cresy, Report to the General Board of Health on a Preliminary Inquiry into the Sewerage, Drainage and Supply of Water, and the Sanitary Condition of the Inhabitants of the parish of Witham (HMSO, 1850).

Rev Henry Du Cane, A few Hints to the Inhabitants of Witham on the occasion of Dr Wiseman’s recent exercise of his assumed Spiritual jurisdiction in the Town (1851).

Essex County Council Archaeology Section; Origins of Witham (Essex County Council, 2001).

R C Fowler, The Church of St Nicholas, Witham (Wiles, 1911).

By Janet Gyford:
Many of my books are out of print, but see for more information

Memories of Witham: Shops (Janet Gyford, 1983).

Domesday Witham (Janet Gyford, 1985).

Men of Bad Character: the Witham Fires of the 1820s (Essex Record Office, 1991).

Witham 1500-1700: Making a Living (Janet Gyford, 1996).

Public Spirit: Dissent in Witham and Essex 1500-1700 (Janet Gyford, 1999).

Images of England: Witham (Tempus, 1999).

Witham Park: 100 Years Old  (Witham Town Council, 2000).

‘The Witham hoard of 17th-century tokens and George Robinson the issuer’ (with R H Thompson), in Essex Archaeology and History, 3rd series, volume 20, 1989.

‘Mike Wadhams and ‘Cocksmiths’ (22-26 Newland Street, Witham), in Essex Archaeology and History News, April 1991.

‘Cornelius Walford, junior and senior, versatile  Victorians’, in Essex Family Historian, December 2004.


T A Henderson, The Parish Church of Saint Nicolas, Witham, Essex (Witham Parochial Church Council, 1986).

The Pinkham family:
The Story of a Lamp (c.1948).
Sixty Years of Progress (1959).
W.Pinkham & Son, the Story of Piinkham Gloves, by Nick Pinkham (2024)

Albert Poulter
(booklets, all published by Albert Poulter)
In the Yards, Up and Down the Steps (1996).
Albert’s Witham (1997).
Landgirls links with Essex (1998).

B W Quintrell, ‘Gentry Factions and the Witham Affray, 1628’, in Essex Archaeology and History, 3rd series, volume 10, 1978.

Warwick Rodwell, The Origins and Early Development of Witham, Essex: a study in settlement and fortification, prehistoric and medieval (Oxbow, 1993).

Maurice L Smith (booklets, all published by Maurice Smith)

A brief History of Witham Congregational Church (1965).

A series of booklets as follows:
1.      Early History of Witham (1970).
2.     Markets, Manors and Manorial Rolls (1970).
3.     St Nicolas Church (1970).
4.     Postal History of Witham (1971).
5.     Witham Schools (1971).
6.     Witham River Bridges (1972).
7.     Witham Roads (1972).
8.     Fires in Witham (1975).

Speciality Publishing Co., The Pictorial Record: special local edition for Witham and District (c.1900) (also a reprint by Essex Libraries, 1982).

James Taverner, An Essay upon the Witham Spa. Or, a brief Enquiry into the Nature, Virtues and Uses of a Mineral Chalybeate Water at Witham in Essex (1737).

David Trump, ‘Blunts Hall, Witham’, in Transactions of the Essex Archaeological Society, 3rd series, volume 1, part 1, 1961.

M C Wadhams, ‘The Development of Buildings in Witham from 1500 to circa 1800’, in PostMedieval Archaeology, volume 6, 1972.

A Vera G Wright, The Unrelated Family: being an account of a woman’s experiment in Child Education (Jarrolds, c.1920).
(Scarce; I gave my copy to the Essex Record Office)


D D Andrews (ed.), Cressing Temple: a Templar and Hospitaller manor in Essex (Essex County Council, 1993).

Clyde Binfield, So Down to Prayers: Studies in English Nonconformity 1780-1920 (Dent, 1977).

David J Blake, Window Vision: Crittall 1849-1989 (Crittall Windows, 1989).

A F J Brown (all published by Essex Record Office)

English History from Essex Sources 1750-1900 (1952).

Essex at Work (1969).

Chartism in Essex and Suffolk (1982).

Meagre Harvest, the Essex Farm Workers’ Struggle Against Poverty 1750-1914 (1990).

Prosperity and Poverty, Rural Essex 1700-1815 (1996).

Miller Christie, A History of the Mineral Waters and Springs of Essex (1911).

Penelope J Corfield and Chris Evans (eds.), Youth and Revolution in the 1790s: letters of William Pattisson, Thomas Amyot and Henry Crabb Robinson (Alan Sutton, 1996).

Ronald and Ann Cowell, Essex Spas and Mineral Waters (Ian Henry, 2001).

Mr and Mrs F H Crittall, Fifty Years of Work and Play (Constable, 1934).

Samuel T Davies, Odd Fellowship; its history, constitution, principles and finances’(Richard Sutton Cheek, 1858).

Leonore Davidoff and Catherine Hall, Family Fortunes: Men and women of the English middle class, 1780-1850 (Hutchinson, 1987).

Michael Gervers (ed.), The Cartulary of the Knights of Jerusalem in England. Secunda Camera. Essex (British Academy, 1982).

William Kiddier, The Old Trade Unions, from unprinted records of the Brushmakers.

Anthony Langley, Hicks Bros., Ltd., An Essex Bus Company (privately published, 1991).

Beatrice A Lees (ed.) Records of the Templars in England in the Twelfth Century (British Academy, 1935).

Philip Morant, The History and Antiquities of the County of Essex, volume ii, (1763-8).

J Morris (ed.) The Troubles of our Catholic forefathers related by Themselves (Burns and Oates, 1872).

Andrew Phillips, Steam and the Road to Glory: the Paxman Story (Harvey Benham Charitable Trust, 2002).

Elinor M C Roper, Seedtime: the History of Essex Seeds (Phillimore, 1989).

Bob Walklett, 31 Years of a British Specialist Car Manufacturer Ginetta: the Inside Story (Bookmarque, 1994).


Penelope J Corfield (with Mary Clayton and Janet Gyford), ‘Reputation and Loss in a Victorian Family: the Pattissons of Witham in 1859’, 1997 (ERO T/B 587/9).

Department of the Environment, ‘List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest: Witham’, 1971.

Dorothy L Sayers Historical and Literary Society, ‘Talking of Dorothy L Sayers …’ (typescript, 1979). ______________________________________

Janet Gyford

‘Shop People and their Customers: Witham, Essex, 1900-1939’ (MA oral history project, 1981).

‘Men of Bad Character: the Witham Fires of the 1820s’ (MA dissertation, 1982).

‘Survey of dated buildings and structures in Witham’ (1992 – ERO Acc A8888).

‘Witham before 1500’ (1996 – ERO T/P 655).

Helen Irons, ‘The Idle, the Ignorant and the Positively Hostile: a Study of Outdoor Poor Relief in Witham, Essex, 1820-34’ (dissertation, 1995).

Maurice L Smith, typescripts on many subjects (ERO T/P 506).

Shirley Watson, ‘Nineteenth Century Witham: the Role of Local Government’ (BA dissertation, 1978).


Essex Record Office catalogue,

Janet Gyford,

Phil Gyford,     is an improved version of my Domesday Witham, which is out of print.

Ian Hunter, has pictures and histories of Witham pubs. These are now on this website at

John V Nicholls, specialises in Essex milestones, sign posts and boundary markers.

The National Archives catalogue (formerly Public Record Office)

Many other web sites too numerous to mention were a constant source of information, and also led me to some very inspiring, knowledgeable and helpful people who advised me about obscure and interesting things.

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